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Born in 1960 in the former Yugoslavia., Damevski’s and his family emigrated to the United States in 1968.  

As a child, he recalls his Dad taking photos with his 35-mm camera as well as reels and reels of 8-mm movies.  He gravitated towards his 35mm camera especially and loved to pretend to take pictures just like his dad.  He still has his camera in addition to many more - a collection that includes everything from a c. 1940's Graflex press camera to a miniature c.1947 Japanese camera. 


Damevski’s interest in photography was sparked in high school when he enrolled in an intro to photo class. The whole experience from  pressing the shutter to developing the film and finally the magic of a photo appearing on the paper fascinated him. 


Damevski went to college( Syracuse University) to study biology,  slipping out of the bio department to take art history courses. His eyes were opened to the world of art.


Damevski went on to attend Temple University to study dentistry where there was not enough time to take pictures. However,  the exposure to art and photography helped him in dental school by giving me a great foundation for form, shape, color, perspective, as well as detail and precision, all of which are fundamental in the practice of Dentistry. 

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